New Fragrance Alert

New Spring Fragrances

Coconut & MangostanaEscape to your tropical dream. Pure mangosteen and bright citrus are combined with fresh coconut and deliciously sugar crystals for an out of this world island inspired  destination. 

  • Top:  Orange, Cassis, Coconut, Lemon
  • Middle: Mangosteen, Geranium, Acai Berries
  • Base:  Musk, Marine, Sugar

Lavender & VanillaA clean and beautiful aroma of fresh lavender accompanied with crushed vanilla beans to tantalize your senses.  This fragrance will remind your of a spring day full of refreshing and calm moments.

  • Top: Floral
  • Middle:  Lavender
  • Base:  Vanilla

Lavender Breeze- The perfect breeze takes you away with this lemon delight.  Full of the sunshine with lemon and vanilla with pops of lavender to wow your mood.  This invigorating scent will delight not only during the spring and summer but all year long

  • Top:  Lemon
  • Middle:  Floral, Lavender
  • Base:  Vanilla, Musk

Georgia PeachHints of mint and a burst of sweet orange give this fruity scent it's lift. Juicy peach tones are balanced with leafy greens for a natural sensation. Musk sweetens the blend from within.

  • Top :Mint, orange
  • Middle :Peach, greenery
  • Bottom :Musk

Apple Punch- This apple punch is so good it will make you want to drink it from the bottle. It starts off with tart green apples and is rounded out by sweet apples and the most fruity melon punch.

  • Top – Green Apples
  • Middle – Sweet Apples
  • Bottom – Melon Punch

Avobath- A classically loved fragrance comes to life in this wonderfully awakening blend! It begins with a bright, juicy burst of fresh, green citrus tonalities that enliven and uplift the senses. A cheerful heart of refreshing lemongrass carries this fragrant accord with the botanical freshness of herbal-citrusy goodness! A beautiful base of light musk adds whispers of gorgeous depth to this delightfully revitalizing and happy aroma!

  • Top –  Green Citrus
  • Middle – Lemongrass
  • Bottom – Light Musk

Black Coconut- Rich, creamy coconut notes shine in this exotic and smooth aroma! Dreamy nuances of soft, tropical flowers add a layer of depth and beauty to this island oasis of coconutty splendor! A gorgeous base of sun-warmed cedarwood enriches this fragrant accord to create a positively stunning aromatic getaway! 

  • Top – Coconut
  • Middle – Tropical Flowers
  • Bottom – Cedar wood

Peach Cocktail-Sit back on the beach, with this drink made of peach.  Which is perfectly bubbly and rounded out with some citrus and a light floral vanilla.

  • Top – Bubbly, Green
  • Middle – Fruit, Citrus
  • Bottom – Floral Vanilla

Blue Raspberry CandyA lip-smacking zip of tart, juicy blackberries and tasty notes of sweet, sugary blue raspberries combine to create this jolly and mouthwatering treat! Tangy tonalities of bright lemon and refreshing orange playfully intertwine with delicious notes of lip-puckering sour green apple for a candy-like sensation of scent! 

  •  Top –  Raspberry and Orange
  • Middle – Green Apple
  • Bottom – Lemon

Rainbow ConfettiCelebrate any event in your life with a fun and fresh combination of citrus and vanilla.

  • Top – Citrus, Fresh
  • Middle – Floral, Spice
  • Bottom – Berries, Vanilla

Wild Raspberry & Tangerine- An alluring blend of wild raspberries and tangerine with just a touch of bitter lemon zest to finish it off.

  • Top – Wild Raspberries
  • Middle – Fresh Tangerine
  • Bottom – Lemon Zest

Black Raspberry Vanilla-Ripe, juicy black raspberries do a delectable dance of deliciousness in this mouthwatering and sweet aroma! This scent becomes a true classic when whimsical notes of creamy vanilla musk create a base of uplifting delight, mingling exquisitely with ripe berry tonalities for a universally loved aroma! 

  • Top – Black Raspberries
  • Middle – Vanilla
  • Bottom – Musk

Blue Cotton Candy-Take a trip to your hometown county fair, and enjoy the tasty aroma of a favorite sweet treat! With our Blue Cotton Candy fragrance oil, the county fair comes to YOU! Fruity top notes of juicy grape and fresh, delicious strawberries combine to create a mouthwatering delight! Soft, sweet, sugary accords spin to fluffy perfection around a base of creamy vanilla and delectable, candy-like berry tonalities. With this tantalizingly yummy fragrance, the county fair is always just a sniff away!

  • Top – Grape, Strawberry
  • Middle – Sugar
  • Bottom – Vanilla, Berries

Raspberry & Citrus- Ripe raspberries and citrus make this a fun, sweet and tart fragrance which is mellowed out with a touch of vanilla.

  • Top – Ripe Raspberries
  • Middle – Citrus
  • Bottom – Sweet

Juicy Watermelon- Enjoy the scent reminiscent of carefree summer days anytime of the year! From its smooth, green rind to its juicy, sweet flesh, the watery-crisp aroma of a refreshing watermelon is splendidly captured in this sparkling & uplifting aroma! The fresh, glistening scent of a delicious summertime classic cheerfully comes to life in this bright and fruity fragrance. 

  • Top – Watermelon
  • Middle – Fruit
  • Bottom – Vanilla

Passionfruit & Banana Flower-  Get ready for a tropical island escape with a tantalizing mix of passion fruit, banana flower, and pineapple leaves.

  • Top – Passionfruit
  • Middle – Pineapple Leaves
  • Bottom – Banana Flower

Blueberry YogurtA creamy treat that slowly melts on the tongue and releases the aroma of blueberries, it can be a second serving. Greek yogurt meets juicy blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries - a fruity parfait of the extra class.

  • Top – Golden Raspberry, Juicy Blueberries 
  • Middle – Blackberry, Strawberry
  • Bottom – Vanilla Bean, Cream, Sugar 

Watermelon & StrawberryCool, crisp watermelon followed by fresh sweet strawberry blossoms and finished off with a lime twist.

  • Top – Juicy Pink Watermelon
  • Middle – Sugared Strawberry Blossoms
  • Bottom – Lime Zest

Sugar BerriesGrab your napkin and take in the mouthwatering aroma of a fresh bowl of berries with a splash of vanilla and sprinkle of sugar.

  • Top – Blueberries, Strawberries
  • Middle – Raspberries
  • Bottom – Apple, Peach Nectar, Vanilla Sugar

Mayan Gold-  An exotic burst of fresh orange is followed by a jasmine and African lilac on a foundation of cedar, musk and vanilla. 

  • Top – Orange
  • Middle – Jasmine, African Lilac
  • Bottom – Cedar, Musk, Vanilla

White Woods & Mahogany- This very complex fragrance reminds me of morning sunshine warming up the beach landscape.

  • Top – Summer Teakwood and Sunlight
  • Middle – Mahogany
  • Bottom – Fresh Apple, Pear, Coconut, Driftwood, White Woods

Summer Linen- Like freshly laundered linen carelessly swaying on the line under a bright and warming sun, this aroma is sheer, clean comfort! Inviting notes of snuggly, fresh cotton and crisp, white peach embrace soothing nuances of blissful lavender, for a delightfully pristine appeal. A base of cool coconut completes this refreshing blend, lending cheerful and uplifting tonalities to this cozy, aromatic ambiance of pure tranquility.

  • Top – Cotton, White Peach
  • Middle – Lavender
  • Bottom – Coconut

Snuggles-   a comforting aroma with notes of fresh cotton and similar in scent to cuddly bear fabric softener. With a clean fresh aroma, our fragrance oil will allow your home to have a crisp fresh scent which is long-lasting. 

Honeysuckle & Jasmine- This complex fragrance starts with the Fragrant Hyacinth with citrusy neroli, the bracing tones of galbanum and cassis leaf intertwine with earthy iris, sweet jasmine, fragrant honeysuckle, beautiful rose blooms and precious lily of the valley. The aromatic, desert nuances of sandalwood blend together to enhance and complete this fragrant accord. This scent will bring you back to spring with all the freshness of a fragrant experience.

  • Top: Hyacinth, neroli, galbanum, cassis leaf
  • Middle: Iris, jasmine, honeysuckle, rose, lily of the valley
  • Base:  Sandalwood

Lavender & Lemon-  A aromatic blend of zesty lemon, bright citrus and luscious french lavender that intertwines with sweet vanilla and soothing musk. It is a scent that is so Clean and inviting. It will have you coming back for more

  • Top: Lemon, Bergamot 
  • Middle: Lavender
  • Base:  Light Musk, Vanilla

Basil, Sage & Mint- This deliciously herbaceous aroma expertly combines basil with cool notes of garden mint. Sage and lemon blossom top off this crisp, earthy fragrance reminiscent of a flourishing herb garden.  This fragrance is perfect for ketches or any places that an organic scent is wanted.  You will fall in love with this scent!

  • Top: Citrus
  • Middle: Sage, cedar leaf, herbaceous, eucalyptus
  • Base:  Wood, musk

Cranberry & Citrus- A Sweet orange and zesty lemon peel are perfectly balanced with our tangy cranberry in this bright fruity blend. Hints of green enhance the natural and fresh sensation as the warmth of wood and spice enriches the texture of the berry accord. A final touch of vanilla musk finishes the fruit creation.  This fragrance is sure to remind you of the sweet and tart smells of holidays.

  • Top: Orange, Lemon peel
  • Middle: Cranberry, Green, Wood, spice
  • Base:  Vanilla musk

Tropical Paradise-  A harmonious blend of juicy ripe mango, tart grapefruit, and sweet pear highlight this heavenly fruity fragrance. Sweet and fresh.

  • Top -Mango, Grapefruit, Pear
  • Middle -Pear, Peach
  • Bottom -Vanilla

Sandalwood & Sweet Dahlia- Smooth sandalwood and rich woody ambers intertwine with to delight the senses with lemon zest and sweet dahlia petals, a memory of walks in the woods opened into dahlia gardens will have you remembering days gone by.

  • Top:  Sweet Dahlia, Lemon Zest
  • Middle: Greens, Jasmine, Muguet
  • Base: Amber, Sandalwood

Strawberries & Bananas Frenzy-  This delightful fragrance combines fresh Strawberries banana notes with sweet and fruity notes for a tantalizing aroma. Light spice notes of a bowl of sweet ripe strawberries and creamy vanilla scents blend together to create an unforgettable scent.

  • Top: Fruity, Fresh, Greenery
  • Middle: Light Spice, Strawberry
  • Base: Vanilla, Stem Woody